15 Yukimura Sanada Associated Castles

上田城西虎口Next year’s NHK drama’s hero will be Yukimura Sanada. He is one of the most popular samurai heroes in Japan. Many know him from TV games. Yukimura had been popular in Kabuki play since in Edo period (1603–1868). Japanese people love him. I will expect after this drama broad casted, Yukimura associated castles will be super crowded. So before that, I should visit all of them.

History of Sanada

Sanada family was a small samurai family in Shinano area current Nagano. Yukitaka (Yukimura’s grand father) gained power after he started to work for Takeda family. Takeda was one of the most powerful samurai families in Japan at that time. After Yukitaka became the ruler of Sanada area, he changed his family name to “Sanada”. Yukimura’s father Masayuki was the third son of the family, so he was sent out to succeed other family. However, his elder brothers died in a war, so he came back to inherit the family estate. In 1567 Masayuki inherited Sanada house. Soon after Takeda family fell down, and Shinano area was in turmoil. Masayuki was good in schemes like his father, and survived and saved Sanada family. When Tokugawa and Toyotomi families were dividing Japan into two and having a war, Masayuki and Yukimura decided to take a side of Toyotomi and Masayuki’s first son Nobuyuki went to Tokugawa. That was Masayuki’s plan that either side wins Sanada family survives.

Yukimura is the Best Samurai in Japan

The last war of Tokugawa and Toyotomi was Osaka summer and winter wars. Yukimura fought for Toyotomi’s Osaka and almost killed Tokugawa leader Ieyasu. However he failed and was killed. Ieyasu parsed Yukimura’s bravery and called Yukimura “The very best Samurai on the earth.”

Sanada Family Tree

Very minimum family tree.


15 Yukimura Associated Castles

Castle Name Iwabitsu Castle
Other Names of Castle None
Description This castle conceded to build in 15th century. It was on a harsh mountain. Yukimura’s grand father Yukitaka conquered this castle by scheme in 1563.
Castle Name Shiroi Castle
Other Names of Castle None
Description Yukitaka conquered this castle by scheme in 1567.
Castle Name Sanadashi Yakata (Sanada Manshon)
Other Names of Castle Oyashiki
Description Yukitaka or his first sone Nobutsuna built this castle. It is considered as a Sanada’s residence.
Castle Name Sanada Honjyo
Other Names of Castle Sanadayama Castle, Mtsuo Castle
Description Sanada’s main mountain castle. Yukimura’s father Masayuki succeeded a house in 1575. Yukimura assumed to move in Sanada Honjyo at the same time.
Castle Name Nagurumi Castle
Other Names of Castle None
Description Masayuki conquered this mountain castle. When he attacked Numata castle Nagurumi castle became the base.
Castle Name Numata Castle
Other Names of Castle None
Description Masayuki concurred this castle in 1580, and became his first son Nobuyuki’s residence. Nobuyuki and Masayuki were separated and belonged to different sides. Before the war, Masayuki visited Numata castle to see his grand children while Nobuyuki was away. Komatsuhime (Nobyuki’s wife) almost started to war against Masayuki.
Castle Name Kaizu Castle
Other Names of Castle Matsuhiro Castle, Nagano Castle
Description After down fall of Takdeda (Sanada’s master’s house), Shinano (current Nagano) area became in turmoil. Yukimura became a hostage of Uesugi and lived in Kaizu Castle for while.
Castle Name Osaka Castle
Other Names of Castle Nishiki Castle
Description In 1586, Masayuki changed the master to Hideyoshi. He stole Yukimura from Kaizu Castle and sent him to Osaka Castle.
Castle Name Hachioji Castle
Other Names of Castle None
Description Hachioji Castle is a Hojyo’s branch castle. In 1590, Hideyoshi attacked Hojyo, Masayuki, Nobuyuki and Yukimura attacked Hachioji Castle.
Article Hachioji Castle – the prominent mountain Castle near Tokyo
Castle Name Nagoya Castle (Kyushu)
Other Names of Castle Nagoyagoryokan
Description This castle was built for Hideyoshi’s Korea subdued (1592-1598). There were Masayuki, Nobuyuki and Yukimura’s camps.
Castle Name Ueda Castle
Other Names of Castle Amagafuchi Castle, Sanada Castle
Description Masayuki built this castle. Masayuki defeated Tokugawa’s large army by small army twice in Ueda.
Castle Name Komoro Castle
Other Names of Castle Suigetsu Castle, Anajyo, Hakutsuru Castle, Nabebuta Castle
Description I was used for Tokugawa’s camp at the second Ueda attack.
Castle Name Toishi Castle
Other Names of Castle Toishiyama Castle, Toishigajyo
Description Branch castle of Ueda Castle. At the second Ueda attack, Yukimura lined up there./td>
Castle Name Komayumi Castle
Other Names of Castle Kajagadakejyo, Kajajyo, Eboshigata Castle
Description Branch Castle of Ueda Castle. At the second Ueda attack, Tokugawa’s subsidiary army attacked this castle, but It was defeated by Sanada.
Article Komayumidake: Used to be a Mountain Castle and a Current Beautiful Trekking Course in Nagano Japan
Castle Name Sanadamaru Branch Castle
Other Names of Castle Engetsu Castle
Description In Osaka Winter war in 1614, Yukimura built this branch castle to support week south side of Osaka Castle.


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