Sanadamaru is a Famous but Unraveled Branch Castle of Osaka

Sanadamaru has been in the sudden spot light since NHK decided to product the drama “Sanadamaru” next year. This branch castle has been famous since the Osaka war occurred 400 years ago. The heroic samurai Yukimura Sanada built this castle and died in this war. The story of the Osaka war made a huge impact on Japanese people and was made into a Kabuki play and paintings. For the Japanese “how a samurai dies” is very important. The Osaka war was fought between the Tokugawa family and the Toyotomi family. The very powerful Tokugawa came with fought massive and well equipped army to Osaka to demolish Toyotomi. Toyotomi scraped up an army of masterless samurais and and barricad himself in Osaka Castle. The result of this war was obvious, Toyotomi would lose.


However, many masterless samurais had a grudge against Tokugawa and tried to end their meaningless lives without masters. Sanadamaru was buit in this time of turmoil by Yukimura Sanada to protect Osaka castle. The trace of Sanadamaru was completely destroyed by Tokugawa after the war and the precise size of the castle and the detailed tactics of the battle are still in mystery. However, reliable records say this Yukimura Sanada did major damage to Tokugawa by basing himself in Sanadamaru.

New outlook of Sanadamaru

Because of the legendary Sanadamaru war, many false maps and stories have been made and written. It was very difficult to define which one were more true to the reality, so a “normal looking branch castle” map was considered authentic. According to the “the standard building style” Sanadamaru should have been strengthen the vulnerable side of Osaka castle with easy access to the main castle. Nevertherless, the latest research of this land form of Sanadamaru area 400 years ago is revealing an usual appearing for Sanadamaru. Researchers says One “Settsu Sanadamaru map” shows the real Sanadamaru. Apparently there were deep valley between Sanadamaru and Osaka castle, and stood alone as a “sitting duck.”

The difference in height was more prominent 400 years ago.

真田丸 真田山公園There are ups and downs around Sanadayama park. Looking up Sanadayama park is probably similar to looking up Sanadamaru from the bottom of the valley.

Where was Sanadamaru?

真田丸の場所?The exact location is unknown, but according to the land shape map and the “Settsu Sanadamaru map” Sanadamaru, center area of the castle was near the location of Myojyo Junior Highschool.

真田丸 三光神社真田の抜け穴Sanada Yama Sanko Shrine
It is out side of Sanadamaru according to the map above, but there are legendary loophole of Yukimura. But I assume it is a stone room of a tumulus.

真田丸 鎌八幡Kamahachiman Shrine
There are a holly tree. People buried their sickles in this tree when they prayed. Yukimura also followed this local custom and prayed in this shrine.

The Sanadamaru Diorama

真田丸ジオラマThere is a Sanadamaru Diorama which based on the latest research. It travels around Japan and you have to find out the location to see it.

Profile for Castle

5-22 Sanadayamachō Tennōji-ku, Ōsaka-shi, Ōsaka-fu 543-0015
Name of Castle
Sanadamaru Branch Castle(真田丸出城)
Sounth of Osaka Castle was venerable, so Sanadamaru Branch Castle was built to maintain the defense power when the Osaka Winter War in 1614.
5-22 Sanadayamachō Tennōji-ku, Ōsaka-shi, Ōsaka-fu 543-0015

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