Komayumidake: Used to be a Mountain Castle and a Current Beautiful Trekking Course in Nagano Japan

Komayumidake locates in Aoki village in Nagano Japan. This village used to be an important barrier station between Ueda and Matsumoto. In the war era, there were many mountain castles. Komayumidake castle was one of the most important mountain castles and belonged to Sanada clan. Now let’s try Komayumidake mountain and see how impregnable it was.

The Closest Bus Stop Togo is Far from the Trekking Route

The bus runs from the Ueda station to Aoki village every one hour. Take “Aoki-sen” bus and get off at “Togo” bus stop. There are Japanese traditional houses, and you can see beautiful farm view. About 45 minutes walk you will see a resting house for mountain climbers.(Chikuma Bus Aoki-sen Time Table only Japanese

The view from the resting house.

子檀嶺岳登山口の策Keep walking towards left, there will be a animal fence. Don’t worry you can enter, but please shut properly after you opened it.

Was it an impregnable mountain castle? Let’s try.

From the underneath, the mountain looks hard to get.


子檀嶺岳鳥居There will be a large flat area, and the route will get narrow and steep. You will see a Torii gate, this may be a actual beginning of Komayumidake.

子檀嶺岳ピンクのリボンThe route is difficult to identify. The pink tapes are tied here and there for guides. Steps were berried in leaves. Be careful not to slip. especially when you going down.

This Mountain Castle is Definitely Difficult to Attack

The rout is steep, slippery and narrow. This mountain castle must have been awkward to attack for sure.

This is a peak ridge. There will be a small shrine out there, but the sun was dropping, so I returned.

Watch out the Sunset Time

In November, 17:00 will be dark. you should be descended by 16:30.

Night view of a Ueda city.

Komayumidake Trekking Map

Komayumidake_trekkingI have created a trekking route map from bus stops. Komayumidake Trekking Map

Full version will be available here. 信州うえだ観光ナビ|子檀嶺岳トレッキングマップ

Profile for Castle

Name of Castle
Komayumi Castle(子檀嶺城)
Sanada Yukitaka and Masayuki’s castle was there.
Togo, Aoki, Chiisagata District, Nagano Prefecture 386-1603

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