Hachioji Castle – the prominent mountain Castle near Tokyo

Hachioji Castle was Built when Hideyoshi’s Punitive Force from West Japan Achieving East Japan


Hideyoshi was one of the most famous samurai leaders of Japan. His power was arising in west Japan and his army was proceeding to concur East Japan. Hojyo was, at the time, one of the most powerful clan leaders of East Japan needed to increase defensive force against Hideyoshi’s army. Hachioji Castle was built in Fukazawa mountain.

Hojo’s main castle was Odawara Castle near Yokohama. Hojo family was in power for about 100 years, and Hachioji castle was a very important branch castle of Odawara castle. Hojos undoubted their superior power over Hideyoshi the upcoming new power.

Remains of Hachioji Castle Indicate Luxurious Lifestyle of Hojo.

殿の逃走路A race glass vase (must had been imported from Europe) was found in a goten area (residential building). This is the only a race glass found in Japan in that time period. The master of the castle Hojo Ujiteru was leading a artistic and elegant life as if he was in a peaceful time.

Hideyoshi’s Hojo Subdude

The main branch of troops was attacking Odawara castle and his subsidiary troops came to attack Hachioji Castle. When the castle was attacked the master Ujiteru was away to Odawara and the castle was protected by minimum troops. The castle fell in one night. Hideyoshi ordered to kill everyone including women and children. Soon after the main castle Odawara fell and that was the end of Hojo. Ujiteru too ordered to Harakiri (honorable suicide).

Hachioji Castle Ruins Irreconcilable Between Experts

There is no pictures of Hachioji Castle remaining. The design of the buildings are all in mystery.

八王子城 追手門跡Otemon Gate trace
in 1988, cobblestone was discovered, but it was backfilled, so we can not currently view it.

八王子城 曳橋Hikihashi
It is a bridge to drop an enemy are approaching the castle. This bridge is a passageway extending from the Otemon Gate. There was a restored bridge, but it had been removed now because it became dangerous. It is said that there is a reconstruction plan now.

御守殿の滝Waterfall of Gosyuden
Here is a waterfall outside of residential area. The legend says the women cut their throats and jumped into this fall when the castle fell… however you usually don’t jump into such a shallow fall nor cut their throats on top of it. In those days commonly survivors burn buildings and then cut throats when the castle fell. It is silly to think you can wonder off when there are full of enemy troops out side.

八王子城 虎口遠景Koguchi
The stairs are authentic one the repaired stones are marked. The top of the stairs are designed wider so it looks proportional in human eyes. This is like a Parthenon technique.

八王子城 獣道Residence and Guest House
There were Ujiteru’s house and his guest house. There were trace of graceful garden. Pieces of the race vase were found here.

八王子城 現存石垣Existing Stone Wall
Going up from the Residencial area through a narrow path, there are authentic stone walls. Thoese are about 400 years old.

八王子神社Hachioji Shrine
The castle was named after this shrine. The legend says, a renowned monk Myoko was in the mountain for a ascetic practice. While his training, he met a Gozutenno god and eight princes. Gozutennno asked Myoko to look after the area and vanished. Hachioji means eight princes. (I don’t know why not Gozutennno…)

八王子城 本丸跡Honmaru-Main Section of the Castle
At the top of the mountain, there is a honmaru. There is a small shrine there.

Access from Tokyo


From the Tokyo station, take JR Chuosen Kaisoku distend to Takao. Get off the Takao Station and take a bus from Kitaguchi (Northe exit). On weekends, there are “Hachiojijyoato” bus runs every hour and on week days take a bus from #1 bus station and get off at “Reienmae”.

八王子城跡行きバス 時刻表

高尾駅行きバス 時刻表

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Guidance Building

八王子城 ガイダンス施設

There is a guidance building by the bus stop. You can watch video of history of Hachioji Castle (only in Japanese) and replica of race glass. And there are clean washrooms and a lounge.



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